5 Ways to Fix a Cell Phone

No matter how high-end your phone is, the common problems persist. Most of them depend on the user too. If you are a learned user who holds a great deal of information regarding smart and careful use of smartphones, the issues faced are less or even null. But for the other part of the smartphone user population, the below discussed problems, their causes and fixes are a must read.


This is the most annoying of the problems. The phone hangs from time to time, causing you delays in your browsing or gaming experience. The reasons behind this are several, like too many apps, data, cache data, or apps running in the background.

To make your phone run faster and smoother, you have to delete all the unnecessary apps, close the apps running in the background, delete app cache, and app data. Go to Settings>Apps>Clear Cache, and also delete other data like videos, pictures that are not useful. The more you keep your phone free of junk, the smoother it will work – read article on how to make smartphone faster.

Heating issues

This is mainly a sign of battery problem, too many heavy apps or a manufacturing defect. It surely scares us to use an overheated up phone. Try to avoid exposing your phone in direct sunlight when it’s already warm. Also closing unused apps and reducing the display brightness can solve the problem. If the overheating issue persists, get expert advice.

Frequent battery drains

Charging the phone several times a day turns out to be a headache. However, the causes of battery drains are due to our carelessness. Too many apps running in the background, too many apps on the phone, playing games, or surfing the net for hours are the main reasons for this problem.

To solve this problem to an extent, you must:

Uninstall apps that you don’t use anymore. Download lighter versions of existing apps, reduce the screen brightness, especially at night. Reduce the screen timeout, close all apps in the background, and your own phone’s charger to charge your phone.

Misbehaving Apps

You would sometimes encounter an app, not opening or closing by itself soon after opening. This is due to a corrupt app cache. All you need to do is go to Settings>Apps>Clear Cache. This will solve the problem, or else you can uninstall it and download it again.

Trouble connecting to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

If you have trouble connecting to your cellular data, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, turn on the Airplane mode and keep it for 30 seconds. Toggle it off and try connecting to either of them again. Sometimes, even rebooting your phone can solve most of the problems, be it connectivity issues or any other.

Keeping proper knowledge about the maintenance of the device we are using keeps us on our toes. We can solve the small issues we face with our phones with little awareness. But for a severe issue that cannot be handled alone, professional intervention is essential.